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Our Story

Some say the Roundroom here at the Bob’s was at one time a 24-hours Steak House back in the early 60’s before the main freeway (Hwy 1) was opened.


Later in the 60’s it became the Oasis Drive-In, serving burgers and ice cream complete with car hops in grass skirts, anyone remember?


In the 70’s the Roundroom served great schnitzels from Louise and Otto.


Then 80’s, Bruce and Debbie named it the Hourglass, knows for fine dining. They grew edible flowers which they served with the meals.


In the 90’s the building closed for several years until 2000, when it was remodeled by Fritz and Franz from the Bedford House!


The Restaurant was then bought by Chef Dan and his brother. They named it Char’s in honor of their late sister.


Bob’s Bar n Grill was opened by Bob in 2010. 


Today Chef Sat continues the tradition of great food and good fun, featuring the Roundroom for your enjoyment!

So we at Bob’s say,

Bon Appétit!

“Menu choices were exceptional. Food tasted great. Service was excellent and friendly. A very enjoyable evening!”

“Great variety of delicious food, beautiful interior and wonderfully friendly staff combined with a warm country style ambiance to make this a perfect visit!”

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